Parody Of Memories

Parody of memories
Interactive Installation
Produced in collaboration with Decol tv..
Our ancestors, who started to paint the events they witnessed in the caves, never stepped back on talking even though they changed the means of communication until today. Traditional media-directed information now spreads through the sharing of witnesses. While the history of art has progressed through reading these narratives, data is now processed into the system through disinformation, which is tried to be created with bot accounts. Another extension of the issue of information deformation and speed of dissemination is that we are turning our focus to art history writing in the age of social media, which can be read through witnessing a witness.
In this placement, where we constructed the record of accessing the data of the political without a political discourse, we want you to share a sentence with the social event that you witnessed and that deeply affected you. After pressing submit, your answer will be saved anonymously and your story will contribute to the creation of the next exhibition’s work.

Project Info