In Search Of Lost Time In Istanbul

In Search Of Lost Time / Istanbul
“…When we relive a memory taken from a different year, we find the incompatibility between the air breathed and the qualities of environmental coloring that are not possible to compare, thanks to the gigantic forgetting surfaces of the voids, a gap arising from the difference in height between the two memories, ”Proust says and continues,“ memories cultivated by the mind ”indicate that memories are recreation of the past. Remembrance is often possible with metaphors. Man approaches memory with various traces and metaphors. Sometimes we remember it with a space, a smell, a sound, and sometimes we turn it into a defense mechanism by which we treat ourselves. Bergson says, “Even if we don’t remember, the images survive.” The mind, which remembers with encounters, almost reproduces and bends the past and gives a new form. The past reproduces itself “now” through memory. The artist tends to understand the nature of the experience of remembering and forgetting in an aesthetic context with this video series, named after Proust’s Lost Time.

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